Montag, 3. Mai 2010

Windows Phone 7 - Mängelliste

Redmondmag hat eine Liste zum neuen Windows Phone 7 veröffentlicht. Wo die Probleme und ähnliches sind. Natürlich will ich euch diese nicht vorenthalten.

  1. Tailoring the platform for consumers rather than for business users. (Yes, I know the 'Softies are saying Windows Phone 7 devices are being designed for both consumer and business use. But the reality is that Windows Mobile is Microsoft's enterprise mobile play and Windows Phone 7 is its consumer play.)
  2. Going with an entirely new -- and far more locked-down -- UI known as Metro, which Microsoft pioneered with Media Center and the Zune HD.
  3. Deciding against providing cut-and-paste functionality in the first release of the Windows Phone 7 platform.
  4. Opting against enabling multitasking for third-party applications.
  5. Selecting Silverlight and XNA as the development environments for Windows Phone 7, meaning programmers will have to create applications using managed code and using only the C# programming language.
  6. Providing no backward compatibility, meaning Windows Mobile 6.x apps (even Microsoft apps, like Microsoft Office Mobile 2010) need to be rewritten to run on the new mobile platform.
  7. Requiring all application downloads and purchases to go through the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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